Released on the 31st of October 2019, Last updated on the 21st of March 2020

Funtopia Park is a huge theme park divided into 9 different areas! It is built by only two persons. It features a wide range of attractions such as plenty of fun roller coasters and water slides. There are really endless of possibilities for what you can do in Funtopia.


With 9 themed-regions this is the biggest amusement park ever made:
  1. Colour Space: The centre of the park!
  2. Ski Land: For the best ski/snowboard adventures!
  3. Klugheim: A beautiful medieval city with a double-launched coaster!
  4. Mystery Town: Discover the castle and be sure to pass away the curse!
  5. Wild West: The biggest western part of the park, enjoy this huge water-ride!
  6. Splash: Have you ever seen so many water slides?
  7. Heaven: This is the place to be for the coolest rides!
  8. Hell: The highest coaster with a launch! What else do you want?
  9. Funtopia Camping: Enjoy your stay in the houses or in the cruise ship!



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  1. As some of you may notice, the city is removed from this version. We’re updating the map to a higher level of profesionality, resulting in temporarily removing some areas of the map, including the city.

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